The keys to set up a business in France

Before you apply this method to your own business plan, we would like to stress the keys to successful entrepreneurship and, more specifically:

  • the entrepreneur's professionalism,
  • the entrepreneur's strength of character,
  • adequate management skills,
  • realistic sales revenue forecasts and adequate resources to meet the forecasts,
  • reasonable and flexible investment in plant, equipment and personnel that do not require an excessive “critical mass” that would be difficult to achieve,
  • a balanced financing plan with adequate capital.

However, the most basic key to success lies in the balance and harmony between all the components of the business plan, as well as between the entrepreneur and the business plan.

We propose using the methodology explained in this guide in order to achieve this harmony as nearly as possible.

This guide describes the entrepreneur's creating course, all the way from the idea's birth to the business launch.